MedsFindr - Patient


  • Find the medicine they need
  • Can authenticate medicine*
  • Get a visual/audio information for proper usage of the medicine (for illiterate patients)
  • Get reminders when to take their meds
  • Can search for follow up prescriptions
  • Can report adverse effects
  • Can be informed when a recall of their meds is issued by the manufacturer
MedsFindr - Doctor


  • Doctors prescribe medicine that are actually available on the market
  • Reduce patients returning for a different prescription, if they cannot find the initial prescription.
MedsFindr - Pharmacy


  • Sell their stock more easily due to increased transparency and accessibility
  • Can authenticate medicine they purchase*

About us

Why MedsFindr?

Because everyone should have access to authentic medicine!


7,1 Billion People

Measuring criminal activity is hard: countries use different definitions on fake, counterfeit and sub-standard medicine.

Therefore the impact and size of counterfeiting is hard to define. Some indications:

  • Almost 15% of medicines sold globally are fake.
    In developing countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America, the number can go up to between 30% and 50%.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) assesses that 10% medicines sold on the market are fake.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that 30% of medicines sold in developing countries are fake.


27 Million People

  • In 2013 the ministry of Health estimates about 30 percent of the drugs and antibiotics in circulation in the country were fake.

Burkina Faso

17 Million People

  • 10,6% of the medicines that are legally sold by vendors having an official licence, are of bad quality.
  • 90% are of bad quality when vendors don't have any licence.


22 Million People

  • In 2004, according to the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), 70% of medicines in circulation were fake.


174 Million People

  • In 2008, World Health Organization estimated 70% of medicines were fake.
  • In 2004, WHO estimates were 48%.


45 Million People

  • According to National Quality Control Laboratories (NQCL) and the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, the rate of fake medicines is around 30%.


24 Million People

  • According to the National Department of Intellectual Copyright Crime of Economic police, 70% medicines used by population are fake.


We are attending a variety of business competitions and events to get MedsFindr going at full speed! Meanwhile we are also doing a pilot and marketing research in Ghana. Please find the highlights below!


First we need to raise working capital to realize our dreams.

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Operations in Ghana

Rollout MedsFindr and reach as many NGO's, Doctors, Pharmacies and Patients.

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Licence to Pharmaceutical companies

As soon as we have aquired high adaptation and a critical mass we can build a business.

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