We are going to feel certain ways and we are going to have

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On the international stage, Iranian funding to the Badr Organization could trigger a sectarian bidding war, as Sunni factions will seek Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) support to neutralize Iranian aid to Shia groups. The UAE regards the Badr Organization as a terrorist group. Saudi Arabia is particularly motivated to support Sunni factions because of linkages between the Badr Organization and Yemeni rebels..

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Bd may now be one of the most discussed fungal killers of animals in the world. It didn’t even have a name, however, when biologists were growing alarmed in the 1990s about amphibian declines and spooky die offs. The fungus showed up now and then as researchers searched for the killer pathogen, but was dismissed at first as a skin fungus taking advantage of a dying animal.

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