some incidents did involve police

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The complaint said Tamara Seidle, 51, was a of largely unreported, undocumented (although some incidents did involve police intervention) domestic violence. Off duty on Tuesday, Seidle chased his ex wife for several blocks on the streets of Asbury Park, New Jersey, according to LeMieux. Tamara Seidle Volkswagen Jetta at one point crashed into a park car.

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The Center for Urban Policy Research at Rutgers University publishes demographic multipliers that are widely considered the de facto source for housing demographic profiling information in New Jersey. According to page 6 of the November 2006 release, Who Lives in New Jersey Housing, general, detached housing currently produces the highest number of residents and pupils compared to attached homes. Detached homes with more (4 5) bedrooms have the relatively largest household size and pupil generation.

FILE In this Jan. 2, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, listens as his son Eric Trump speaks during a rally in Biloxi, Miss. A law enforcement official says New York City police and the FBI are investigating a threatening letter sent to the Manhattan apartment of Eric Trump.

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Flames broke out at the house on the 600 block of East Fulton Street in Lancaster, around 7:30 Saturday night. The fire was quickly elevated to two alarms when firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke and flames on the second floor. The fire chief tells FOX43 he believes the fire started in the kitchen on the second floor.

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What Harge said was to play the way Quintana did relentlessly and fearlessly and that would be the best expression of their feelings for him. The players didn’t say anything during Harge’s monologue, but they decided to run their pregame routine and call it a day. It was not as cathartic as anticipated..

SCRANTON A celebration of people who survived cancer and loved ones who helped them through it gathered in Scranton on Saturday. The Event at McDade Park marked Annual Cancer Survivor’s Day. It included activities for survivors, caregivers, family, and friends or anyone affected by cancer.

Ava Cahill is the daughter of Chris and Lea Cahill. She is a junior at Fortuna Union High School and a member of both 4 H and FFA. She is active in Fortuna High School student body where she has been vice president in both her freshman and sophomore years and is currently the Associated Student Body treasurer.

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