In 1996, prospectors discovered vast oil reserves in Equatorial

by Robbert

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canada goose uk shop A few years back, a band of South African mercenaries, bankrolled by London financiers and backed by Margaret Thatcher’s son, were arrested in Zimbabwe as they prepared to launch a coup and install a government in Equatorial Guinea more sympathetic to their business interests.Perhaps that explains the response to visitors as the only Spanish speaking nation on the continent hosts AFCON 2012.Equatorial Guinea refused to grant visas in advance of the games, insisting travelers first pass through co host Gabon.The Zambian team was forced to relocate from its hotel for lack of water.On the day of the opening match, gun toting police guarded the well paved four lane roadway to the Bata stadium, stopping taxis two miles away and forcing passengers out on foot.Then, as the opening ceremonies started, armor clad riot police fired tear gas into restless local ticket holders lined up single file beyond an outer gate before Israeli security advisors ordered the gate opened.None of this came as a surprise.In 1996, prospectors discovered vast oil reserves in Equatorial Guinea, a sliver of land and mini archipelago flanking the equator in central Africa.Imagine an impoverished banana cheap canada goose jackets uk republic suddenly drenched in petrodollars.The discovery catapulted the tiny nation to the highest per capita income on the continent, though much of it is thought to have ended up in the pockets of the president, named by Human Rights Watch as one of world’s worst dictators.On the other hand, the President has canada goose outlet hong kong a generous side.The headlines in El Lector, the official mouthpiece of the regime, proclaimed the promise of cheap canada goose new york $1 million to the national team if they defeated Libya in the opening match.The players, most of them controversially naturalized ringers of questionable canada goose clearance sale Equatoguinean ancestry recruited from Iberia and Africa, did not disappoint.In the final minutes, Portugal based captain Juvenal sprung Spain based Javier Angel Balboa behind the cheap canada goose jacket Libyan back line. Balboa finished cleanly into the right corner and dismissed suggestions that the bonus offer was a motivating factor: “This is football. When the match starts, the players don’t think about money. canada goose uk shop

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