Property claims mostly get rejected due to misrepresentation

by Robbert

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Regular wear and tear or breakdown is not covered.Another situation that is not covered by a basic motor insurance policy is hydrostatic lock of the engine, which refers to canada goose number uk the car engine stopping due to waterlogging.your car gets stuck in a waterlogged area, avoid cranking or igniting the engine again and again. Instead, look for an canada goose outlet toronto alternative travel option and get your vehicle towed to the nearest service centre, said Animesh Das, head of product strategy, ACKO canada goose outlet black friday sale General Insurance.Das added that insurers regard engine seizure due to waterlogging as negligence and hence, reject claims.If you want this eventuality covered, opt for canada goose outlet uk review an engine protect add on cover, which costs around 7 9 per cent of the base premium.Incorrect or incomplete documentation and canada goose outlet in usa evidence also lead to claim rejection.In case of vehicle theft, for instance, you need to provide both sets of keys to prove there was no negligence on your part.Property claims mostly get rejected due to misrepresentation, non disclosure, and fraudulent acts.Damage caused due to a wilful act or negligence also results in claims being rejected.Experts suggest that policyholders should study their home insurance policy closely and familiarise themselves with the risks covered and the exclusions so that they don get a shock later.You will also need to provide all the supporting documents for a smooth claim process.The insurer first appoints a surveyor to assess the damage. According to experts, policyholders should take all possible steps to avert further damage.the loss, one should behave like an uninsured person and take all possible measures to minimise the loss. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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