“These are the ninth and 10th emergency license

by Robbert

Bruce Gustafson), numerous nieces and nephews, and his beloved tabby cats Luke and Leia. Coast Guard Base Elizabeth City facility, located at 1664 Weeksville Road in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. In the Pasquotank County Courthouse, located at 206 East Main Street in Elizabeth City.

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wholesale jerseys The suspensions, which can be appealed, mean the bars, for now, cannot sell any alcohol, not even for takeout or delivery, which have been allowed since the order shutting down on premises food and drink service. “While the overwhelming majority of businesses are adhering to these essential protocols, there should be no doubt the SLA will not hesitate to shut down any bar found violating these lifesaving measures.”These are the ninth and 10th emergency license suspensions issued by the SLA for bars found to be in violation of the shutdown order. Two were in Erie County and one in Westchester County. wholesale jerseys

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