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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was in attendance

by Robbert

I’ll be even briefer on this one: the enterprise of intercollegiate athletics has ceased to be justifiable within even the broadest understanding of the mission of a college or university. Athletics take resources away from genuine mission activities and regularly risk corrupting the integrity of every process within the academy. It is time to end…

The results of these analyses were then related

by Robbert

Analysis techniques have been developed to determine both the average characteristics of the lateral distribution and the fluctuations in the data which could be attributed to intrinsic fluctuations in cascade development. The results of these analyses were then related, through the results of computer simulations of shower development steroids, to the depth of cascade maximum.…

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by Robbert

Started from seed, let them grow up a trellice of some type and in full sun, they will give you many, many beautiful blooms first thing of a morning. As the sun warms the air, they will curl up to protect their delicate blooms from the mid day heat. They bloom best in full sun…